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Hair Bonding means silicon hair bonding system to the bald head. The new trend from America finds more and more users in Europe and India. Our Hair fixing method is Non Surgical, painless and without any side effects which is best procedure for human or natural hair replacement. We use imported and custom made quality natural hair systems, which matches your existing hair texture, color and size. After Process, customers can comb, swim, travel in open vehicles and do any type of work. Customer has to spent only 1 hour for the whole process. Jainil Hair Studio is one of the best hair studio who gives their service on time with best result for weaving, transplant and bonding.

The method used is one of the best service for natural hair fixing or hair replacement. We assure you the best treatment for weaving and transplant. all our treatment are very simple and gentle. Head uses American Technology for hair fixing. Natural hair is weaved meticulously on to the polymer based non-natural scalp. This is called as Hair bonding System or HairPiece or Hair Patch or Toupee which is fixed to the bald portion of the head. The hair piece will stay on the customers scalp for approximately 8 weeks and the user can unrestrictively attend all usual activities, even heavy sportive ones. That’s the great advantage of this method. Our fixing services can be used to improve your look which suitable for men, woman, male, female, boys and girls. Contact us now for guaranteed service in vadodara. We used one of the best method for your treatment which can give you best result in short time. Come visit us for all types of hair treatment like weaving, fixing, human hair wigs, buy hair wigs, on time service or maintenance. Our process includes most of the natural way which will not harm you and gives you best result. We provides best hair services for hair weaving and hair bonding.

Hair Bonding is practice normally when existing hair are in sides and back only and front and crown of the scalp area is almost bald. The hair units are bonded with a U.S.-F.D.A. approved silicon compound and merged with your existing hair. Hair Treatment is a painless and quick way to increase the length of your hair. to buy best human hair contact us now. If you are unhappy with the length of your hair, compatible hair extensions can be added to your existing hair through this non surgical procedure. It can also work as a solution for hair loss conditions. Hair bonding is a comparatively low cost remedy than hair replacement surgery. This non surgical process can also be conducted in hair thinning conditions. Contact us for weaving service now.

How long does hair bonding last?

3-6 Months

Is hair bonding permanent?

It is semi permanent, Approx 3-6 Months.

Is hair bonding glue safe?


How is the treatment done?

Hair bonding is the perfect process for both men and women in need for an immediate hair loss solution. Soft silicon glue is used accurately on the affected areas of your scalp to fix the synthetic hair system. Then, it is merged well with the already existing hair strands. You may choose the kind of hair you want according to your budget and the texture of your existing hair. Cost of hair bonding process is lesser than any other hair loss treatment. Make sure that you visit an experienced hair technician or doctor so that you get the best advice about what kind of synthetic hair should be added to your existing hair.

Are there any side effects?

Hair bonding done with the use of glue and adhesive may damage your hair in the long run. It may make your hair dry, dull and frizzy. All these effects can be avoided if you take good care and use prescribed hair products.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

Make an appointment with your hair technician or hair doctor prior the hair bonding session, to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the products being used during the procedure.

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